Media Coverage about My Art Work & Exhibits

Saatchi Art Global Online Gallery's ( E-mail Subscriber Newsletter, July 13, 2022;  Renaissance Romance spotlighted as a "popular artwork to discover" and myself as an "artist to meet."  

Hampton Daze Magazine, arts & entertainment for Hamptons and New York City, July 2015; Renaissance Romance showcased as part of montage of works in advertisement for Ross Contemporary gallery.

Your Observer, Art Center Sarasota MASHterpieces Opening Reception (Photo), May 22, 2015; Jacqueline Savaiano as awardee of Honorable Mention for painting Beautiful Man


Media Coverage as a Writer & Reporter of the Arts

Selected List:
“Thanks to Medicis Like Norton Simon and Armand Hammer, a Gilded Dilly of an Art Scene Flowers in L.A.,” People Magazine, March 28, 1988 (Main reporter on trend piece that included interviews with late artists Richard Diebenkorn and Mike Kelley, prominent collectors like real estate mogul Eli Broad and Hollywood producer Douglas Cramer, and museum directors Richard Koshalek of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Rusty Powell of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.)
“Barbie Boots Up,” TIME, November 11, 1996 (Main reporter of original story idea on video games and CD-ROMS for girls, including in-person interview with Mattel CEO Jill Barad)
“Hell Hath No Fury,” TIME cover story, October 7, 1996 (Reporter on film The First Wives Club)

“The Invasion Has Begun,” TIME cover story, July 8, 1996 (Reporter on science fiction movies and the film Independence Day)

“Mission Unavoidable,” TIME, June 10, 1996 (Main reporter on first film of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible franchise, including interview with Paramount studio chief Sherry Lansing)
“Women of the Year,” TIME, November 13, 1995 (Main reporter of original story idea on women’s growing power in Hollywood, pegged to the trend in women’s ensemble films like Sense and Sensibility, Little Women, and How to Make an American Quilt and including interviews with actresses Emma Thompson and Ellen Burstyn)

“Oprah Goes Hollywood,” People Magazine, June 13, 1988 (Main reporter on Oprah Winfrey’s entree into movie production with ABC’s The Women of Brewster Place, including in-person interview with Winfrey and coverage of shooting on location)  (

“Grade Expectations,” Entertainment Weekly Magazine, June 30, 1995 (Bylined piece on first video game programming school in North America)