Jacqueline Savaiano

I am a fine artist, yes. But I am also a world-class journalist. Journalists are recorders of contemporary history. I will combine my two professional sensibilities here. I will record art “history” as it is happening – in my personal art world and in the art world at large.

My commentaries will highlight noteworthy impressions of events, exhibitions, galleries, museums, movies, plays, articles, books, workshops, and inspirational locales discovered during my worldwide travels.

I will tell you what is traditional but superlative, what breaks new ground, what is “out there,” what is clever, what is funny, what stimulates new thought, what sticks in my mind, what moves my heart, even what fails. And why. I will also unveil how these impressions motivate me as an artist and in my works.

I hope you will join me on this journey into today’s art world. My first commentary will cover the international show, Art Basel, Miami Beach (Florida), which I will be attending from December 3 through 6. I look forward to your engagement.